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I chose you because I knew you. I knew you would lift me up without sugar-coating (not just tell me what I wanted to hear) but keep me in line and guide me to what I needed to hear.! I lost myself in my marriage. As a parent, daughter, friend, etc etc. I needed you to help me find myself again and focus on me. Almost give me permission to take care of me and do what I enjoy. “Self-care is not selfish”.


We were very nervous and overwhelmed with planning the wedding. Coach Laurie created a killer budget, time management schedule and I got in a little "me" time. The wedding was wonderful! I am so grateful. 

Brad and Sandy, Columbus, Oh



I was really freaked out about the final class project. I had a few sessions with Coach Laurie and she was a wonderful sounding board. We created about 10 ideas for me to choose and implement. Without her guidance, support, and encouragement the project might not have happened. Thank you again, Laurie. 

Maria, Worcester, Ma 

Being a single mother, life can become stressful at times. I was at my wit's end when I met Coach Laurie at a local school function. She listened to me that night for about 2 hours. She offered her assistance as a Life Coach, I was a little hesitant, but it was an option that I had not tried. During my discovery session, we were able to determine my stumbling block, I was STRESSED out! Laurie gave me a life-mapping workbook, she implemented stress reduction techniques, and I am learning about meditation. She was a Godsend that night. Thank you so much for helping me! 

Desiree, Worcester, Ma

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